Warwick Economics and Development

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About Us

Warwick Economics and Development is a multi-disciplinary consultancy providing research, analysis and advice on economics, regeneration and development and business management issues for private, public and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and internationally.

Our highly experienced consultants and retained associates share a passion with our clients for sound solutions and delivery of results – unpacking problems and offering innovative and rewarding answers and support throughout the implementation process. Our knowledge and experience enhance value-creating opportunities and provide bespoke and in-depth knowledge of what makes a difference in economic development, asset value maximisation and business performance.

Our approach to economic development is rooted in in-depth understanding of the interface and the need for integration of economic, spatial, infrastructure and community issues. Our project teams bring together expertise in economic research and analysis, economic and physical regeneration, place and sites development, property related issues, business support and innovation, community engagement and partnerships development.

We approach strategic business management and operational performance issues with deep appreciation of internal and external factors and circumstances that may be unique to each organisation. Our project teams have experience of working in the public sector, leading corporate environments and the academia and offer expertise in international business operations, product development, sound finance and lean management in industrial and service sectors.

The founder of Warwick Economics and Development is Georgia Siora and the company employs a highly accomplished multi-disciplinary team of consultants and retained associates with at least 10 years of experience in their relevant field, with strong networks and work experience across the UK and internationally.

Our Clients value our professionalism, integrity, fresh and independent thinking and pragmatic style.